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By registering with Goods for Good you will have access to our catalog inventory and become part of a network of both companies and individuals who help provide goods for NFPOs around the US.

Make a donation and help support nonprofit organizations


G4G is a newly created nonprofit organization who seeks and solicits gifts, goods, merchandise and services and when received will be made available for distribution to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations only.

It concentrates the efforts of management and volunteers in the collection and acquisition, for efficient and prompt distribution of products and services ranging from personal items and daily necessities to household goods and merchandise needed by other nonprofit organizations, who make a positive difference in the lives of all people, without discrimination based on age, belief, gender or race and concentrating on but not limited to those nonprofit organizations that serve the less fortunate, and help them build hope and expectations of the final recipients

Who are our Clients? The Non-Profits!

Any corporation which can prove itself as a 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization (NFPO) may apply to receive the benefits derived from all goods donated to G4G.
Distribution Center for Michigan’s NFPOs.
Not individuals (We will not compete to serve our clients recipients)
NFPOs that know their needs.

Donors YOU can be the Donor!!

Individuals, families
Business entities, corporation,
Manufacturers, or distributors
Any legal entity may and can contribute
Will be given a Receipt for IRS Purposes
For the value assigned to the donated Items.
Compiled database of donors
You and your organizations included.


Goods For Good, Inc. (G4G) will continue its efforts:

  • to build a database of qualified nonprofit organizations,
  • to determine their needs to meet the goals and aspirations they have to satisfy the demand on their services,
  • to monitor the effectiveness of their operations,
  • to build a database of philanthropists and associations who provide funds to support G4G operations and activities,
  • to build a database of companies, corporations, manufacturers and suppliers whose products and services match up with G4G needs and those of our clients,
  • to design procedures and programs for efficient and prompt collection and distribution of gifts and merchandise, and
  • make G4G a one stop destination for storage and distribution of products for nonprofit organizations only.

G4G Community Closet Program

Goods for Good also provides clothes to those in need. We accept new and used clean clothes and make them available to the underprivileged at absolutely no cost.

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