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By registering with Goods for Good you will have access to our catalog inventory and become part of a network of both companies and individuals who help provide goods for NFPOs around the US.

Transforming Communities Through Donation Collections

Everyone Can Make a Difference

Would you like to be a part of bringing hope to the needy? No matter your gifts, or resources,
we’ll help find the right opportunity for you to get involved with Goods For Good, Inc.

Goods For Good, Inc. has volunteer opportunities for everyone, for individuals and groups of all abilities.  Goods For Good, Inc.
welcomes product donations from individuals; organizations, and corporations. Goods For Good, Inc. also gratefully accepts financial donations.



G4G is a newly created non-profit organization who seeks and solicits gifts, goods, merchandise, and services, and when received will be made available for distribution to other 501(c) (3) NFPOs only.


A one stop station for nonprofit organizations


Identify the needs of not-for-profit organizations and seek donations and gifts from donors and making the donation available to NFPOs for distribution.

Business Description

  • A 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation
  • Formally established as Refugees Fresh Start Corporation in June 2013
  • Change of Name to “GOODS FOR GOOD, INC.” Registered and Licensed State of Michigan.
  • One-stop station for non profits to acquire their goods.
  • Give generously to non-profits, at extremely low and in some cases free (When no costs are incurred).
  • Future: Very Bright Trusting Natural Behavior of Donors
    participate in the stability of the communities
    Supporting the unemployed and the under-employed.

Why G4G?

Our motivation stems from LOVE.

Lowest administrative fees
Our ONLY clients are NFPO with 501(C)(3)Status
Volunteer supported, and

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